About us

Since 2005 we have been organizing the whole-year-lasting project called International Jazz Piešťany. The idea of starting this project came five years after Jazz Art Gallery was established by Jozef Dodo Šošoka and his wife. We organize 15 (in 2005) to 36 (in 2008) concerts a year performed by Slovak and international jazz musicians. This was why we established the non-profit organization called International Jazz Piešťany in 2007.

From year to year, this project is rated more and more locally and also among international guests of our spa town. This has a positive influence not only on jazz propagation but also on propagation of the town of Piešťany, region and Slovakia.   

With profits from Fridays concerts we can finance regular Monday jam sessions. These are frequented by musicians from Pie
šťany, Trnava, Bratislava, Trenčín and other Slovak cities.

With cooperation of  Art School in Pie
šťany we have been promoting jazz workshops for 5 or 6 young musicians since 2008. Their teachers are Tomáš Gajlík and Michal Bugala -  top Slovak musicians who absolved jazz academy in Graz. The very first performance of jazz talents is all set to 30. January 2008 (08.30 pm, Art Jazz Gallery).  

Despite the bereavement of Dodo
Šošoka we want and we will follow his path not only for fulfilling his legacy and tradition. Jazz concerts have always been an inherent part of  Piešťany region.